“Why the New City Youth Group?”

Of the many youth group options out there, why choose the New City Youth Group? This year, we asked the youth group, if they could dream, what kind of youth group would they want? They took some time and put it on post-it notes on the wall. They answered,

“A youth group that is… caring, conversational, engaging, respectful, fun, connecting and getting closer with God, faithful, learning about Jesus, safe, welcoming, inclusive, a place of belonging where they are wanted and loved and everyone feels important, a place they don’t have to worry about hiding anything. And of course one with lock-ins and peach rings.”

“After the youth brainstormed together, they said that they felt like New City Youth Group was that kind of place!”

At New City, our goal is to create a safe and sacred space for the youth where they feel loved, seen, and heard and to deepen their relationship with God in a Gospel-centered environment with God-centered curriculum. Here you will find a nurturing, spiritual, and educational environment for youth 6th to 12th grade. Our mission is help the youth be transformed into Christ’s likeness by connecting to God personally, connecting to God’s people, and connecting to God’s purposes. Youth are very important to Jesus as he took time in his busy ministry schedule to spend time with them. Youth are important to us as well, and we structure our Sunday morning to include them in the life of the church and facilitate their connection with God and with one another. Each Sunday, we worship as a whole church for the first three songs of worship. The youth join the whole church in worship for the first three worship songs, and then move to the Youth Room for a time of teaching.

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