To be a community of individuals being transformed into the image of Christ by the grace of God, which frees us to love one another in such a self-sacrificial way that we collectively testify to the presence of God in this world.


To lead people into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus by being a place where people can:


The New Testament plan for being transformed into the image of Christ is summarized by the word discipleship. To be a disciple literally means to be a learner. Our mission is to teach, train, and equip people to be followers and learners of Jesus. This happens through Bible studies, seminars, sermons, worship songs, and corporate liturgy.


The process of transformation requires community. We can’t go it alone. Our mission is to create structures and spaces where people can work out their salvation in a community of believers. These are safe spaces of grace and truth where we can give and receive the life-changing love of God through the love and acceptance of others. This happens on Sunday mornings, at our Soul Food lunches, at our annual retreat, during social events, and in small groups.


We are committed to sharing the good news about God’s invitation to live a transformed Christ-like life with others through word and deed. Most people in our community have experienced the value of New City, and they are quick to share about this experience with their neighbors and co-workers inviting them to join us. We also believe that engaging in acts of compassion, mercy, and justice is a way for us to testify to others about the way God’s world is meant to be. This compels us to invite others to also live this way.


Authenticity – we believe that transformation can only happen in a community of grace and truth. Grace without truth results in shallow acceptance. Truth without grace results in legalism and conformity. Only when grace and truth are together can true transformation and healing happen. (John 1:14)
Friendship – we believe that the vast majority of people are deeply lonely. We hope that people who commit to the New City community will gain deep and meaningful friendships. These are the types of relationships where you can be fully known and still loved. Jesus called us his friends and we make it our mission to cultivate grace-filled and honest friendships with one another. (John 15:15)
Children – we believe that children are a gift from God and based on the large number of kids in our congregation we prioritize their spiritual formation. We include children in our worship services, and we create spaces where parents and children can explore what it means to follow Jesus together. (Matthew 19:14)
Multi-cultural – we believe that the gospel bridges social, racial, and economic divides. We strive to be a place of worship for a diverse group of people. (Revelation 7:9)
Monastic – we believe that each person is responsible for his or her own spiritual growth. In order to experience transformation, we have to work at it. We encourage all our members to write out a Rule of Life, which details a realistic rhythm of Spiritual disciplines, by which we connect to God who transforms us more and more into the image of Christ. (Phil. 2:12-13)
Generosity – we believe that God is abundantly gracious to each of us and we want to respond to God’s grace by being generous with others. We intentionally value and practice generosity by serving others and by giving financially to others. (Matt. 6:19-34)
Relevance – we believe that the gospel is just as good news now as it was thousands of years ago. When Jesus preached the gospel, he made it relevant for the audience to which he was speaking. Paul became all things to all people in order that he might save some. This means that everything we do, from worship services to social outings, are aimed at helping people follow Jesus in our everyday lives. (1 Cor. 9:19-23)
Missional – Jesus sent his followers on a mission. We are compelled to do the same. Our name, New City, implies that we exist for those who don't know God. We want people to get a taste of how God loves them by the way we love each other. This means we welcome newcomers on Sunday mornings. We also practice hospitality by inviting new members to join us at social events (for kids and for adults). And it means that we engage in acts of compassion, mercy and justice as a sign and foretaste of God’s coming kingdom, which is yet to be fully revealed. (Matthew 5:14-16; 28:18-20)

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