Win the Year – Week 3: Seed the Clouds

Win the Year: Seed the Clouds


This message marks the conclusion of our series, ‘Win the Year.’ This series, initiated on New Year’s Eve, explores principles from Scripture that transcend mere resolutions, impacting the entirety of our lives. We’ve already covered two key principles: “Flip the Script” and “Fly the Kite,” emphasizing transforming our narratives and embracing the power of small beginnings.

The Most Crucial Concept: Prayer

Today, we delve into the pinnacle of winning the year – prayer. To illustrate, we introduce the metaphor of “Seeding the Clouds,” a process akin to sowing today what we wish to reap tomorrow.

Elijah’s Model of Faithful Prayer

Elijah’s journey, detailed in 1 Kings 18, provides a blueprint for winning the year through prayer. We explore three key principles:

1. Praying According to the Promises of God

Elijah declared a drought in alignment with God’s promise in 1 Kings 17:1. Praying in line with God’s assurances, such as those found in James 1:5 and other verses, is pivotal in seeding the clouds of our lives.

2. Praying in a Posture of Humility

Elijah’s physical posture, bending down with face between his knees, mirrors his heart’s humility. A similar posture in our prayers signifies dependence on God, recognizing our need for His grace.

3. Praying Specifically and Persistently

Elijah’s persistence, instructing his servant to check for rain seven times, underscores the importance of unwavering faith. Persisting in prayer, even when answers seem elusive, aligns us with God’s will and leads to transformative growth.

Practical Application for 2024

Applying Elijah’s principles to our lives, we consider specific and persistent prayers for individual and collective growth. As a church, we’ve embraced the thematic goal of “Prepare for Growth,” outlining objectives such as re-visioning the church’s public face, establishing a community presence, doubling down on children and youth ministry, and defining wins for New City in 2024.


As we conclude, consider the “seed the cloud” prayer God has placed on your heart. Whether kneeling, standing, or sitting, let your posture reflect the condition of your heart as we collectively engage in bold and specific prayers for the incredible outpouring of God’s grace, mercy, and love in 2024.

May our faithful prayers shape the clouds of our future, leading to a year marked by growth, transformation, and God’s abundant blessings.

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