Covenant Pines Sunday

Building Bridges: Lessons from Covered Bridges and the Book of Ruth

Lessons from Ruth

We delve into the biblical narrative of Ruth, highlighting her unwavering commitment to her mother-in-law, Naomi. Through Ruth’s actions, we glean lessons on intentionality, clear communication, cautious progression, anticipating disruptions, and remaining faithful in relationships.

Applying Lessons to Community Building

The narrative seamlessly transitions into practical applications of these lessons in building relationships within communities. Whether it’s greeting new faces at church or navigating the complexities of international interactions, intentionality, clear communication, cautious progression, preparedness for disruptions, and faithfulness are essential.

Key Lessons from Covered Bridges:

Be Intentional: Being deliberate in entering into relationships and investing in community.

Communicate Clearly: Developing a shared understanding of language and expectations.

Proceed Cautiously: Proceeding carefully and attentively in building connections.

Expect Disruptions: Acknowledging that challenges may arise in relationships and remaining adaptable.

Remain Faithful: Continuing to invest in relationships despite obstacles or uncertainties.


In closing, the post circles back to the biblical context, showcasing Ruth’s pivotal role in the lineage leading to King David and ultimately to Jesus. Speaker Dave Cairns shared a closing prayer, drawing from Colossians, urging wisdom, grace-filled conversations, and readiness to answer everyone.

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