Formed – Finding our Identity in the True Self 

In this new sermon series titled “Formed,” we delve into the depths of our identity as guided by our church vision. This series, a continuation of our exploration in the “This is Us” series, leads us to reflect on our identity in Jesus and how it shapes our lives.

The False Self and the True Self: A Dichotomy

Thomas Merton’s distinction between the false self and the true self offers profound insight. The false self, constructed by societal norms and personal perceptions, must be shed to uncover the authentic self. The false self, entangled in societal roles and labels, obscures our true identity. Conversely, the true self, rooted in our essence as children of God, transcends worldly constructs and endures for eternity.

Living from the True Self: Embracing the Eternal Perspective

Jesus’ call to prioritize eternal life prompts introspection. By relinquishing attachment to the false self, we embrace our identity in Christ. Aligning our lives with the essentials over the urgent shifts our focus from temporal concerns to eternal truths. Focusing on the essentials cultivates a life rooted in the glory of Christ’s resurrection, transforming our perspective on identity and purpose.

Applications: The True Self in Daily Life

Two practical applications emerge: prioritizing practices that align with our true identity and fostering a community centered on authentic growth. Through intentional practices and communal support, we navigate the journey toward our true selves.

The journey to discover our true identity in Christ is transformative. As we shed the false self and embrace our essence as children of God, we embark on a path of authenticity, purpose, and eternal significance. Let us journey together towards a life anchored in the truth of who we are in Christ.

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