Good, Beautiful, and Kind: The Eulogy

We are in our Lenten series titled “Good and Beautiful and Kind,” inspired by Langston Hughes’ poem “Tired.” The series delves into the worms that gnaw at the core of goodness, beauty, and kindness in our world. Last week, we began exploring the concept of powers and principalities, recognizing our struggle against unseen forces. Contemplative prayer emerged as a powerful tool for healing and contributing positively in the world.

Unexpected Turns: A Personal Reflection

Plans changed this week due to the tragic loss of Maria Ciccone’s father and Pastor Tim Ciccone’s father-in-law, Rod Darsie. Rod, a beloved figure, exemplified goodness, beauty, and kindness throughout his life. In the face of personal grief, Tim redirected the sermon to reflect on Rod’s legacy and its alignment with the series’ themes.

Reflecting on Rod’s Life: Lessons in Contribution

Rod’s life offers valuable insights into living a purposeful existence aligned with God’s work. Three key reflections emerged:
Embracing one’s calling with action.
Understanding the transformative power of planting seeds.
Thinking generationally and passing on spiritual heritage.

1. Embrace Your Calling

Rod lived out his calling through actions rather than words, serving as an Awana leader and contributing to his church community. His life verse, 1 Chronicles 28:10, urged him to build God’s sanctuary, symbolizing his commitment to God’s work. The lesson here is to recognize our own calling and act upon it with strength and conviction.

2. Plant Seeds of Transformation

Rod’s journey to faith began in 1975 and unfolded through incremental steps. His approach to evangelism, defined as cooperating with the Holy Spirit to guide others closer to God, highlights the power of small actions. Like planting seeds, each action contributes to spiritual growth, echoing Paul’s analogy in 1 Corinthians 3:6-8. The message encourages seizing opportunities to sow seeds of change in others’ lives.

3. Think Generationally

Rod’s impact extended beyond his lifetime, evident in the testimonies of his grandchildren at his funeral. Psalm 78:4 underscores the importance of passing on faith to future generations. Rod exemplified this by consistently sharing his faith with his family, emphasizing the significance of thinking beyond the present moment. The lesson encourages considering the long-term effects of our actions, both individually and collectively as a church community.

Conclusion: Living with Purpose

Rod Darsie’s life serves as a testament to the power of contributing to goodness, beauty, and kindness in the world. His example urges us to embrace our callings, sow seeds of transformation, and think beyond ourselves to future generations. As we navigate life’s uncertainties, may we draw inspiration from Rod’s legacy and strive to make meaningful contributions to God’s ongoing work of restoration and renewal.

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