Pentecost Sunday: Celebrating the Birth of the Church – Sermon Recap

We recently celebrated Pentecost Sunday, a celebration of the birth of the church in Jerusalem some 2000 years ago. This day is pivotal in the church’s history, second only to the death and resurrection of Christ.

The Holy Spirit Descends

In Acts 2:1-11, we read about the extraordinary event that marked the beginning of the church. As the believers gathered, a sound like a violent wind filled the house, and what seemed like tongues of fire rested on each of them. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in different languages, as the Spirit enabled them. This miraculous occurrence bewildered the Jews from every nation in Jerusalem, as they each heard their native language being spoken. The crowd, amazed, recognized that the speakers were Galileans, yet they were declaring the wonders of God in various tongues.

The Importance of Pentecost

Pentecost is the church’s birthday, fulfilling Jesus’ promise in Matthew 16: “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” This moment represents the Holy Spirit baptizing the believers into the body of Christ, filling them with power and vision.

Changed Lives Through the Holy Spirit

In Acts 2, we witness transformed lives. Peter, now filled with the Spirit, boldly preaches the good news of Jesus Christ. His powerful sermon leads to the baptism of about three thousand people, showcasing the Holy Spirit’s transformative power. The believers declared the wonders of God in various languages, breaking down barriers and reaching a diverse audience. This reminds us of the church’s mission to declare God’s wonders to the world.

New City Church’s Mission, Vision, and Values

New City’s mission is to inspire people to find and follow Jesus Christ. Our vision is to be a catalyst of Christ-like change through authentic community and generous service. Our values focus on being a welcoming community, investing in the emerging generation, meeting our neighbors’ needs, and being a bridge of unity in a divided world. It’s crucial to stay committed to our mission, vision, and values to avoid mission drift. These principles define our community and guide our growth.

Preparing for Growth in 2024

Our theme for 2024 is “Prepare for Growth.” We recognize that God is calling us to grow in various ways, including revising our public face, defining our wins, focusing on children and youth ministry, and increasing community engagement.

Four Challenges for the Church


How are you praying for the church? Prayer is essential for our community’s strength and growth.


Generosity extends beyond tithing. How are we using our resources for our shared mission?


Service includes both formal ministry opportunities and informal acts of support within our community. Showing up and being present is key.


Who are you inviting to join our mission? Your invitation could be the catalyst for someone’s journey to Jesus and involvement in our community.


God is actively working in our church, growing our reach and influence. As we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, let’s lean into the Spirit’s guidance, allowing Him to use us to declare God’s wonders in every aspect of our lives.

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