Confirmation Class

Pastor Tim will be leading a “Confirmation” discipleship program for middle-school-aged youth beginning October 16th. If your child is in 6th grade and older, they would be welcome to join. If you have a high school student, this program may be a bit young for them. Many families with confirmation aged kids have already been contact, but if you have not received an email from Tim, please reach out: tim@newcitycov.org.

The word “Confirmation” means different things to different people. For us at New City, this would be a program that focuses on a walk-through-the-Bible approach over the next two years. We will engage vital Biblical narratives foundational to the Christian faith and cover the essential theological cornerstones that the church holds dear. We will also encourage/require students to participate in Scripture memory, learn to listen critically when we are together as a congregation, and on occasion, go out together and serve our wider community.

This program will happen on two Sunday mornings per month from 9 – 9:40 am (just before our morning service), beginning in October and ending in April.  We might even plan a spring retreat of some sort, and I can see us adding quarterly confirmation fun events as a part of the program. I think that we could also have a parent coffee/doughnut fellowship time in the New City Fellowship Hall while the youth meet for confirmation.

There might be some overhead expenses for a journal or some external events, but generally speaking, this should be a very low-cost effort.

We are very excited to start this program! For more info, connect with Tim: tim@newcitycov.org.

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