Our weekly Sunday services have moved online during the spread of COVID-19. Our desire is for the New City Community to stay connected as much as possible during this unique season. Every Sunday at 10am, we will have a live stream virtual worship service called “Church at Home.” You can watch here: newcitycov.org/online. There will be additional resources and videos for parents with kids on this webpage. Any kids ministry related questions can be sent to claire@newcitycov.org.

If you are financially impacted by this pandemic, please know that our community can be a place of support. We have a benevolence fund and we’ve heard from generous members of our community who are ready to support individuals and families who might find themselves in need. If that’s you, please let us know (staff@newcitycov.org). Also, if you are unable to procure basic needs, like TP or food because grocery stores have run out, let us know that too. There may be a way we can coordinate a sharing of resources with one another.

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