Sermon Resources: Believe in a Creator

To begin the new year, we are launching a new sermon series called Believe. Hebrews 11 will be our orienting text for the series. Each week we will consider one of the examples of a life lived by faith as outlined in the chapter. In an age when many of us struggle to believe in anything, these personal stories will help guide and teach us in the way of living by faith.


From The God Guarantee by Jack Alexander:

“I worked well with that small, relatively unknown firm, and as a result, the owner of the business, a wealthy European, hired me directly four years later. He and I eventually became partners in two businesses I ran successfully for many years. Meanwhile, the global accounting firm I had worked for lost its way and went bankrupt in the Enron scandal. The partners at the firm— whom I’d held up as the pinnacle of professional success— lost their entire investments. I’m not saying I was blessed for my behavior or those at my former firm were punished for theirs. But as I look at the span of my life and the things God has revealed, that experience is a beacon reminder that fortunes change in ways we don’t expect. Only God can see the whole picture.”


From How not to be Secular by James K.A. Smith:

“Once upon a time…we believed in sprites and fairies and gods and demons. But as we became rational, and especially as we marshaled naturalist explanations for what we used to attribute to spirits and forces, the world became progressively disenchanted. Religion and belief withered with scientific exorcism of superstition.”


“We are all skeptics now, believer and unbeliever alike. There is no one true faith, evident at all times and places. Every religion is one among many. The clear lines of any orthodoxy are made crooked by our experience, are complicated by our lives.” ~Paul Ellie


“What passes for “atheism,” he observes, is still a mode of worship, “a kind of anti-religious religion, which worships reason, skepticism, intellect, empirical proof, human autonomy, and self-determination.””~David Foster Wallace



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