Sermon Resources: Kings, A Good Leader Obeys God

When you and I think about who we are, we often think about where we come from. Our sense of self is shaped by our family of origin, the city where we grew up, and our ethnic background. The same is true for Jesus. He grew up as a Jewish boy in a small town in Roman occupied Israel two thousand years ago. Following Jesus, first requires us to understand who he was and the people he came from. Starting on September 10th, we will explore the story of the Ancient Israelites in order to better understand who Jesus was. Here are the notes from this past Sunday’s sermon.


Soren Kierkegaard quote from the Crowd is Untruth:

“The crowd is untruth. . . .The daily press and anonymity make our age even more insane with help from “the public,” which is really an abstraction, which makes a claim to be the court of last resort in relation to “the truth”. . .

. . . Never have I read in the Holy Scriptures this command: You shall love the crowd. . . . To love the neighbor is self-denial, that to love the crowd or to act as if one loved it, to make it the court of last resort for “the truth,” that is the way to truly gain power, the way to all sorts of temporal and worldly advantage – yet it is untruth; for the crowd is untruth. . . .”


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