Sermon Resources: Spiritual Walls

Our guest speaker, Touger Thao, preached this sermon on 6/25/17.


“For most of us the Wall appears through a crisis that turns our world upside down. It comes, perhaps, through a divorce, a job loss, the death of a close friend or family member, a cancer diagnosis, a disillusioning church experience, a betrayal, a shattered dream, a wayward child, a car accident, an inability to get pregnant, a deep desire to marry that remains unfulfilled, a dryness or loss of joy in our relationship with God. We question ourselves, God, the church. We discover for the first time that our faith does not appear to “work.” We have more questions than answers as the very foundation of our faith feels like it is on the line. We don’t know where God is, what he is doing, where he is going, how he is getting us there, or when this will be over.” ~ Pete Scazzero


To journey through the Wall…
1) We must accept that Walls are a part of the faith journey
2) We must pay attention for God at the Wall
3) We must let go of power and control


Simple Journal Format
1. What are 3 things that I am grateful for?
2. What is bothering me right now?
3. How do I feel about it?
4. What is God teaching me through this?
5. How might God want me to respond to this?


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