Seek God in Loving Others

Seek God in Loving Others

Passage: 1 John 2:9-11
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We are formed skeptics. Years of disillusion, disappointment, or disaster has made many of us jaded and cynical. Even the most optimistic among us often struggle with hope and wrestle with doubt. Where is God in this world? or When will God show up in my life? are questions we frequently ponder.

It was no different for the Ancient Israelites. Many Jews in Jesus day were oppressed, exploited, and frustrated with life. They felt abandoned by God. Yet in the midst of their misery they sought God, and as they did Jesus came to them. God came to them in the flesh. This is our model for meeting with God too. God tells us to seek him at all costs and he will come to us. This Advent, we will learn better what it means to seek and search for God, so that we might find God coming to us too.